Fireplace smells like smoke apartment

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Smoke is a dangerous pollutant that can make your home less than fresh and unsafe. If airing it out by opening windows does not help, an ozone generator may .
Switching from a wood-burning fireplace to gas can reduce seemingly constant cleaning efforts. However, you will also lose the homey smell of burning wood .
Ever since the energy crisis struck America during the 1970s, people have looked towards cheaper ways to heat their homes, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue .
When there is a fire in the downstairs fireplace, I get smoke crossover and smell in the upstairs. How do I stop this?
Expert: James Ball - 1/14/2011. Question We unfortunately started a duraflame log and forgot to open the flue. When we opened the glass doors to the fireplace .
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Answers questions about fireplaces, dampers, flues, stoves, energy savings, and advice on how to save home heat and A/C.
I moved into a duplex apartment that has a fireplace and I noticed a smoke smell on and off. The smoke smells like smoked meat, not cigarette smoke.
Child's room smells of burnt matches Dec 2006 For as long as we can remember, our now 13 month old child's nursery has smelled like burnt matches when you open the door.
This forum is for those living in apartments, condominiums and co-ops. Here you can discuss topics like roommates who still owe you for the phone bill from three .
Does your fireplace have bad breath? Is there an unpleasant odor seeping into your room from your fireplace? If so, you need some Stinky Fireplace Syndrome solutions!
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smoke shelf, humid weather, wood burning fireplace: John Sometimes

Fireplace smells like smoke apartment

when cleaned, a technician does not remove all of the
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