What will 10mg of oxy do to you

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My husband has been taking Oxycontin 10mg for a couple of months now. They are now wanting him to change to Methadone10mg. Is it safe to change? How long should he .
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me and a buddy doing some lines and getting buzzed =)
If you need to crush a pill or get it to a fine powder this is the best way to do it. Try this and you will never do anything else. This creates such a fine powder .
I have read a few studies that used white gf juice along with tagament to potentiate the effects of oxycontin. The gf juice and tagament block certain enzymes that .
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What will 10mg of oxy do to you

the past few weeks, I've had the honor of obtaining the 40mg Opana ER's. I can honestly say i have tried just about everything out there, in every imaginable .
Best Answer: pain killer..a narcotic lot of people get addicted with it also over dose from it. . oxycoton is a pain killer as like demoral and morphine its used .
ok I have 30mg opana's ER and was wondering how and how much to snort. I here of people saying 2mg really fucked them up but that seems like a small line
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